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Since it was commissioned in June 2011, Doraville has received thousands of children.  As new additional activities were added to the game park, on the cutting edge of new technologies, unique and exceptional, providing children and parents with healthy recreational choices:
    -  a 5D cinema hall inaugurated in 2012  
    -  a playroom dedicated to last generation shooting and driving simulators opened in January 2013.

Also, since January 2013, Doraville is a member of IAAPA, International Association of Leisure and Amusement Parks.
At Doraville, different professions are working harmoniously together to offer you the best services. They include: educators, animators, monitors, cooks, servers, lifeguards, rescuers, cleaners, nurses, hostesses, cashiers, maintenance technicians and administrative staff.

Doraville, it is also especially intended for children, their cognitive development; where they learn to play and live together. Activities like learning through games, manual and sporting activities enable the child to open up to the outside world. In this way, children can develop their creativity as well as their intellectual and physical capacities.
More than anything else, at Doraville, we believe in the educational dimension and not only the pleasure of games.
Whether you want to spend the day in family at Doraville, organize a birthday for your children, organize a group outing for a school, an ONG, or Christmas Tree of your enterprise, our team is available to propose different options according to your desires and your budget.

Do not hesitate to come and discover Doraville!

Doraville's team


To be African leader of educational leisure



To train, educate, develop through Leisure activities



  * Priority to Security
* Passion of the service
* Professionalism
* Staff motivated at 200%
* A point of honour for innovation

Type of company:  SARL

 Equity: CFA 1,000,000
Tax System:  Simplified scheme
Registration in the Trade Register:  CI ABJ 2009 B 37
Tax payer’s account number:  09 104 54 H
Area of activity:  Educational Leisure Activities
 Date of creation:  April  2010
 Start up date:

 June 2011

International reference:  Doraville is a certified Member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)



Abidjan-Riviéra bonoumin,
route d'attoban
+225 55 88 80 82
+225 41 16 89 98
+255 22 43 86 35
Localisation doraville
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