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Educational, artistic and awakening activities

''Manual activity workshops'': Painting - Drawing - Decoration

Through these workshops the children have the opportunity to produce artistic works, through painting, pottery, decoration, beading.

Under the supervision of qualified in childcare monitors DORAVILLE in effect gives them the opportunity to externalize their sensitivity, feeling and spirit by creating beautiful necklaces, bracelets, paintings and other elements of home decoration (bouquet made with broom for example).

All these activities obviously help to uncover their great imagination and their skilfulness.


“Cultural Activities" Workshops: Fashion & tradition

biblio2These workshops enable the children to enhance their knowledge of modern and traditional cultures. During these workshops, they learn, for example, the history of historical personalities, general culture, festivals, traditional wear and many other elements of cultural values.

"Initiation to cooking" Workshops

The cooking initiation workshops help to initiate the children, the little girls in particular, to modern cuisine.

During these workshops, Doraville reserves the right to invite professionals like chefs for demonstration sessions; or offer them the opportunity to experiment, in practice, the know-how of ladies preparing the good attiéké of Côte d'Ivoire and many other discovery opportunities for the children.

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