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The restaurant




-  braised chicken and fish

- Skewers (net fish)

- Gizzards sauteed dishes to a choice from: Attiéké, Alloco, fries, or rice


pizzas, quiches, pastels, cake (different flavors), and other pastries.

Different flavors for Ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Grand Marnier and many others



ham, chicken or tuna. Food lovers can also enjoy: spaghetti with bolognese sauce, or a good Tchep.

The restaurant can also accommodate groups to up  about sixty people, for special events.


Abidjan-Riviéra bonoumin,
route d'attoban
+225 55 88 80 82
+225 41 16 89 98
+255 22 43 86 35
Localisation doraville
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